Who wins #WorldCup2018?

This game is a clash of tactics and both teams have shown an ability to advance playing possession-based, counter-attacking or direct-attacking soccer. For me, this is all about which team can control the game (and win) playing "with" or "without" the ball. Here's how they've done so far. I categorize games where less than 45%... Continue Reading →


Total #Soccer Index #WorldCup 2018 Predictions for the Semi Finals

Coming into the Quarterfinals the Total Soccer Index had been 100% accurate in predicting the Knockout stage winners:   When removing Cavani player performance, for Uruguay, prior to the Quarterfinals, the Total Soccer Index had been 100% accurate in predicting the quarterfinal winners: That ends up seeing the TSI being 12 for 12 in predicting... Continue Reading →

My #WorldCup2018 Predictions for the Quarterfinals

There is no doubt most pundits offer this as being the greatest World Cup ever, espousing upsets throughout the competition. I think the majority of those upsets are more about FIFA have a dodgy ceding process than how teams are really performing on the pitch. In tracking the odds on favorite to take the World... Continue Reading →

Major League Soccer and Possession with Purpose

Major League Soccer nears the All Star break and most teams have reached the mid-point in games played. From top to bottom here's the latest on MLS team performance in possession, passing accuracy, penetration, creation, precision, and finishing. Being the best in just one of those categories does not mean you are the best in... Continue Reading →

Gluck – An Open Letter to Earnie Stewart @USSoccer

Dear Earnie (Sir),  you've got five tasks: Lead the hiring process and serve as counsel for head coach Establish a style of play and nurturing team culture Identify short- and long-term player pool Build relationships with players, clubs and leagues Facilitate internal player development Lead the hiring process and serve as counsel for head coach:  You shouldn't... Continue Reading →

Gluck: Coaching Youth #Soccer Part II

In my most recent article, Coaching Youth Soccer Part I, I ended with this quote. There are roughly 8,250 square yards on a soccer pitch, if a team only makes use of around 7,000 square yards (by consistently playing counter-attacking and direct attacking soccer) then your ability to create time and space is only 3/4ths... Continue Reading →

Gluck: Coaching Youth #Soccer Part I

Soccer is a global sport - and some say it's the largest, organized, youth sport in the United States.  Why, in a country with such a huge population of youth soccer players, do we see ourselves failing to qualify for the World Cup?  It isn't because were aren't teaching players the mechanics of executing technical skills... Continue Reading →

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