What did Philadelphia do different in beating New England this past weekend?

What, if anything, did Philadelphia Union do that was different from their historical averages so far this year? If you're reading this article first - you may want to check out this article on Composite Possession with Purpose (CPWP) Predictability Index, results for Week 16 in Major League Soccer, first to see why I am offering it.... Continue Reading →


PWP Predictability Index vs MLS Results Week 16

While I didn't venture any predictions for this past weekend in Major League Soccer I thought it would be fun to see how the overall Composite Possession with Purpose (CPWP) Index fared compared to the results in Week 16. As a reminder here is the CPWP Predictability Index from Week 15: Vancouver at home to... Continue Reading →

World Cup 2014 – Group Stages Completed; Who’s leading the PWP Pack?

No more draws... you're out you're out.  The true brutality of the game begins; if you're faint of heart and don't want to know how well the USA stacks up against the rest of the World in Possession with Purpose don't read on. I'll lightly touch on my Attacking PWP to set the stage and... Continue Reading →

World Cup 2014 – Possession with Purpose; What do the tea leaves show?

The brutal facts of World Cup results are beginning to take shape now that 2 games are completed in the Group Stage; some surprises on both ends of the pitch to be sure. Is the most surprising of all seeing both Spain and England tossed out with the early morning rubbish? Or is it the complete surprise by... Continue Reading →

Taking on Portugal… USA – Sunday…

There is quite a bit of information to consider in how difficult this game will be - I'm not sure I'll scratch the itch about everything but here's some information I think has relevance for those who intend to watch the game this Sunday. To begin... Possession: The correlation of possession percentage to average points... Continue Reading →

Philadelphia Union – the plots thickens – Vartughian pushed out as well…

In case you missed it Philadelphia Union also sacked Rob Vartughian yesterday - one day after Hackworth got the boot. Vartughian was an Assistant Coach and Technical Director. I'm not sure what the Philadelphia Union organization means by calling someone a Technical Director but it's my guess it has something to do with behind the scenes player... Continue Reading →

John Hackworth sacked as Philadelphia Union Head Coach – What does PWP indicate?

It didn't take long for the first casualty within the MLS Coaching ranks this year; duly noted. For me, John Hackworth was kinda stuck between a rock and hard place.  For most of last year the Union attempted a direct attack approach - not so much this year - and it probably cost him his... Continue Reading →

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