John Hackworth sacked as Philadelphia Union Head Coach – What does PWP indicate?

It didn't take long for the first casualty within the MLS Coaching ranks this year; duly noted. For me, John Hackworth was kinda stuck between a rock and hard place.  For most of last year the Union attempted a direct attack approach - not so much this year - and it probably cost him his... Continue Reading →

MLS Soccer – PWP through Week 14 – A deep dive on Dom’s Houston Dynamo…

It's hard for me to fathom a team wearing orange kits not doing good - just seems wrong to me.  And after making the Playoffs last year it seemed reasonable they'd be knocking at the door again this year. Not true - at least not yet - so this week is a Study in Orange, to... Continue Reading →

MLS Soccer – Week 14 – The best and worst in Possession with Purpose

Been a really busy past two weeks for me and it's good to nestle back into a routine offering for your consideration.  That being said I should appropriately note that I met some really superb people this past week at the World Conference on Science and Soccer. It's a small world when you meet someone... Continue Reading →

MLS Soccer – Fouls in the Defending Third Part II (Ratios to Penetration)

I hadn't considered a Part II (here's Part I) to this evaluation until receiving a some great questions from one of my readers, Oliver Page. His two-part question, yesterday, centered on this "Is there some data on passes conceded in final 3rd compared to fouls. For example I would imagine that Chivas concede many final... Continue Reading →

PWP-Pick List – Canadian Championship Game plus two in MLS

Two mid-week games along with a Championship Cup Tie between Toronto and Montreal; what's in store for those games after a previous weekend of surprises in MLS? To begin; the Canadian Cup Championship Game - most should know what offers about this game; if not here's a link to their preview. Here's my thoughts...... Continue Reading →

MLS Possession with Purpose Week 13 – Plenty of surprises…

Some stunners and bummers this week for plenty of soccer supporters across North America; who'da thought Montreal would get a clean sheet against New England and Real Salt Lake would get completely schooled by Seattle... Others like Philadelphia reinforced they do not want to be a bottom dweller, as some suspect this year, by beating up on... Continue Reading →

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