On Fire – or can’t hold a Candle… are Chicago burning at both ends?

Last year the Chicago Fire were within inches of making the Playoffs - and like it or not they sacked Frank Klopas who then moved on to the team that beat them out of the Playoffs - Montreal. Why Montreal sacked their Head Coach is unclear. Given the importance so many teams place on making the... Continue Reading →


Separating winners from losers in Major League Soccer…

We are past the halfway point in Major League Soccer this year and if you recall from this previous article I promised I would revisit my Expected Wins analysis again at about this stage. To continue to chart the progress of PWP, to include the data points behind the calculations, I am offering up some... Continue Reading →

Disheveled Defense has Dominic’s Dynamo in Disarray

Orange uniforms are normally considered a great color for a couple of reasons - the first team that ever comes to mind when you see Orange are the Dutch, (Holland/Netherlands) and if you watched the World Cup 2014 they reinforced just how strong and (to be feared) the men in Orange should be. Another, less obvious... Continue Reading →

MLS – Reading the Tea Leaves and Predicting Week 20 Outcomes…

A full slate of games for Week 20 that started off with a smashing win by San Jose over a very shabby Chicago - were you surprised; you shouldn't have been.  Chicago Fire have the worst average in overall team defensive performance of any team in MLS this year  - and it certainly doesn't get better... Continue Reading →

Possession with Purpose – Who’s hot and who’s not in the last ten weeks?

A different view on Possession with Purpose in Major League Soccer this week.... this time around I'll be offering up my Indices using just that last ten weeks of the MLS Regular season to look for any trends in who's better or worse compared to the season as a whole. For those not familiar with... Continue Reading →

CPWP Predictability versus MLS Results (Week 18 and 19)

Having been away on business last week I was unable to publish last weeks predictability versus reality results; in catching up here's how things went in Week 18 and Week 19 versus the Composite Possession with Purpose Predictability Index (CPWP PI); excluding the Chivas USA v DC United match later this evening. To begin here's... Continue Reading →

Are Seattle Sounders and Sporting KC simply too strong?

Plenty of action these past two weeks in Major League Soccer - the most telling is the huge lead in points that Seattle holds over all the other teams in a very competitive Western Conference. Not to be outdone, in the Eastern Conference, it appears Sporting KC have also begun to open up an insurmountable... Continue Reading →

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