Bayern Munich – Training in Portland – Efficient

You know when you watch a game and you think to yourself or mention to your friend sitting close by one of these phrases…

“just a tad off”

“a nice back heel would have been good there”

“oh-my; he spooned it”

“if he’d only played that ball just a wee bit slower”

Well, in the short period of time I got to witness a Bayern Munich training session today none of those phrases came to mind…  It was more like…

“lovely back-heel”

“superb touch”

“wow – look at the pace and location of that shot”

“the weight on that pass was superb”

I didn’t take many pictures of the session – I’m not very good at that.

But if you asked me to describe what I saw I’d say one word… “efficient”.

And perhaps the best example is this picture taken during the Goal Keeper training session…

Water - hah...  nothing stops us from training...

Water – hah… nothing stops us from training…

Yes, that is a sprinkler system operating during the goal keeper training session – jets of water hitting the coach and the players alike and not once did they stop – not even for a water break ;).

After the goalie session the team moved onto to three wide movement drills with dodging/weaving leading into dribble drives and a wall pass to a teammate who set the player up for a quick strike.

Three separate lines were going on at the same time – left, middle and right.

And even while that was going on the players who weren’t actively engaged were on the sidelines doing stretching and other aerobic exercises to keep them busy waiting in the queue… as I said “efficient”.

When that session was complete the players were split up into three short sided teams and they played six/seven aside on a short pitch.

All told the pace, strength and sheer speed of the game was brutal – and yes… when the third team wasn’t playing – guess where they were?

On the sideline stretching and doing light aerobics…. did I mention their training session was “efficient”?

In thinking about that training session it reminded me of a joke I use to hear living in England – …play the full 90 minutes and when the game is over the Germans win…

In closing…

I did get to watch Julian Green – and no I’m not convinced yet.

He did look quick but he was not aggressive and he simply didn’t get stuck in – I’m not sure that’s because he’s quite diminutive compared to the other players or not.

But for me I remain unconvinced he will come anywhere near the starting 18 for Bayern.

There was simply too much quality on that pitch elsewhere – and at least 4-5 guys were probably missing to include Robben and others…

However viewed it should be exciting to see him on Wednesday night.

When someone local asked him about the Timbers Army and about playing in front of them he didn’t have a clue who they were…

But to be fair, should he know about them?  Probably not… yet…  but I’m sure the build-up over the next few days may help him understand just how huge soccer is in this City.

But for now I’d think his primary concern is competing for a spot on the first team for Bayern Munich.

Best, Chris




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