Bundesliga – Possession with Purpose Indices after Week 1

Most should know I’ve embarked on creating my Possession with Purpose Indices for the English Premier League this season; plus my continuing adventure in Major League Soccer; up new for this coming football season will be my weekly review on the Bundesliga…

…my continuing adventure in determining the value of this highly successful Index approach for MLS.

So; without further ado — here’s the Composite PWP (CPWP) Index after Week 1 in the Bundesliga:

CPWP Bundesliga Week 1

Like the first week results in the English Premier League no observations or comments at this time – as the season progresses this should take better shape and it’s highly unlikely Borussia Dortmund will find themselves on the tail end of this – or any other index; unless they completely fall apart.

For now, here’s the Attacking PWP (APWP) Index in all its glory:

APWP Bundesliga Week 1


And then the Defending PWP (DPWP) Index in all its glory:

DPWP Bundesliga Week 1

Four other products for your further consideration include Passing Accuracy across the Entire Pitch, Passing Accuracy within and into the Final Third, and then how the opponents do against the team listed…

All are in order (left to right —> best to worst)…

Passing Accuracy Bundesliga Week 1

Final Third Passing Accuracy Bundesliga Week 1


Opponent Passing Accuracy Bundesliga Week 1

Opponent Final Third Passing Accuracy Bundesliga Week 1


As noted in my initial PWP analysis on the English Premier League – it’s early days and since I don’t watch any Bundesliga games my objectivity will not be clouded by emotion – no favorites just the raw data on strategic team performance…

“getting the job done – in whatever fashion is needed – cradle to grave”…

And unlike other approaches – no adjustments here; no qualifying data to fit into some other formula and no “predictable” expectations without having at least 15 games worth of data for every single team… to do that violates my 95% confidence level requirements going in…

Hope you enjoy as the season unfolds…

Best, Chris

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