An hour with Jamie Clark – Head Coach – University of Washington

I haven't done this in the past but I felt and thought that the gem of discussion we had with Jamie Clark was worthy to generate a short article about College Soccer. If you wish to take a listen to our discussion please click here. First off - a challenge to the NCAA. Align College... Continue Reading →


Busting the Myth of Moneyball in Soccer Statistics?

Over the past month or so Tim, @7amkickoff, and I have been having some great discussions about soccer, statistics, and the ways or means in how to use statistics to better communicate what may be happening on the pitch outside of what may normally be seen by supporters. I'm not sure we've cracked the nut completely... Continue Reading →

Commissioner for a Day in Major League Soccer

Part of being an analyst includes asking questions.... it's not just all about statistics.  With the advent of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement I felt this a worthy topic for your consideration. Before doing so I first want to caveat everything offered with these sentiments. There is NO question that the efforts, up to this... Continue Reading →

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