An hour with Jamie Clark – Head Coach – University of Washington

I haven’t done this in the past but I felt and thought that the gem of discussion we had with Jamie Clark was worthy to generate a short article about College Soccer.

If you wish to take a listen to our discussion please click here.

First off – a challenge to the NCAA.

Align College Soccer as a League Division 5 (Amateur status league) so that College teams could play in the US Open Cup.

Imagine the huge breadth and depth of how that new status could really change the shape of College Soccer.

Now ask yourself this question with this consideration…  Soccer is not just about technique – it’s also about mentality – and learning.  

Are some of our top players actually, potentially, digressing, by skipping College —and the growth and development of maturity that goes with it?

Also take note of the anecdote provided by Jamie about the makeup of the US Men’s National Team that got the furthest in the World Cup…

I’m not sure about many others but this discussion has really opened the flood gates on what “inordinately large” value College Soccer can bring to the ‘whole player concept’…  

For me, now………., the unlimited subs and abbreviated schedule are probably more noise than substance… and the NCAA may already be taking steps to limit the number of subs and extend the schedule…

Best, Chris

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