US Men’s National Team Mauls the Minnow Guatemala 4-nil

This should have been the repeat headline from last week - and thankfully the last week headline wasn't a repeat this week! I'll be the first (probably 100th though) person to congratulate the players on their performance yesterday - well done lads! Now the grist - with the caveat "I'm still frustrated"!  🙂 It's my... Continue Reading →


US Soccer Humiliated by the Minnow Guatemala

There has to be a change in the Head Coach for US Soccer; and up front not just Jurgen Klinsmann but Sunil Gulati!. In my 20 odd years of watching soccer, four year of analyzing professional soccer and seven years of coaching youth soccer I don't think I've ever seen a team so uncoordinated in... Continue Reading →

MLS Week 3 Recap – Sporting KC Continues to Crush Competition

With three more points in a home win, against the early season nomads of Toronto (first eight games on the road), Sporting KC is solidifying an early season position as the team to beat. Not only in the Western Conference league table but in the MLS Composite PWP Index (through Week 3) at the end... Continue Reading →

Timbers vs Real Salt Lake – Quick Match Preview

Like many other Timbers supporters I'm hoping the defensive mistakes made against San Jose last week don't show themselves again this week. Caleb Porter is a team builder - not team destroyer - and I'm sure he's had positive words with the lads to keep them looking forward while also reinforcing some finer issues about... Continue Reading →

MLS Week 2 Recap – Dynamo Decisively Dump Dallas

Five -nil and eight goals in two games - the Dynamo are Coyled to strike from anywhere with anyone, to include using the opponent to score for them! All told, Houston have two goals from Andrew Wenger, and one each from Will Bruin, Ricardo Clark, David Horst, Cristian Maidana, Giles Barnes, and Matt Hedges (FC... Continue Reading →

MLS Week 1 – Possession with Purpose Recap

Major League Soccer opened it's 2016 season last weekend and the goals were flying; reports indicate it was the most productive goal scoring kickoff in history. So how did the teams fair?  Who started with a bang and who didn't? Using my Possession with Purpose analytical approach I'll give you my view. First off -... Continue Reading →

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