Possession with Purpose is Published

Possession with Purpose analytical approach is published!

Four years ago I began a journey blogging about the Portland Timbers.

Part of that journey included speaking with Caleb Porter, and others, about my new analytical approach to measuring team performance in soccer.

For those that have followed my journey (that continues) my thanks.

To those that have supported me through comments and sharing/learning my thanks.

For me, I never envisioned my own approach being discussed at this level – I only hope it can continue to add value in helping others understand how this complex sport is really quite simple.

You either have possession of the ball with the intent to possess or penetrate or you don’t and your opponent does.

And if you don’t have the ball then your objective is to prevent your opponent from doing to you what you want to do to them.

There is much more to PWP than what is offered in this book.  

If you haven’t read this article – providing links to other relevant PWP articles – than I suggest you take a few days, yes days, to glean through all the material.

Perhaps it may add value to you watching, coaching, playing, or analyzing the game of soccer?

What to watch for on my site in the future:

  1. MLS weekly analysis
  2. MLS season progression analysis
  3. Expected Wins 5 – an update including information from the Women’s and Men’s World Cup, EPL, Bundesliga, LaLiga, and MLS (2013 – 2016)
  4. Soccer and Moneyball type statistics Part II – a deep dive into the useless and (perhaps?) useful world of individual statistics.
    • What we have available in the public domain versus what isn’t available,
    • Two styles of play – not eight as prescribed by Prozone Sports,
    • Keeping measurement of the game simple,  And
    • Real time indicators that can significantly impact individual statistics that aren’t measured.

Best, Chris

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