Gluck: Possession with Purpose Total Soccer Index

Breaking news.

I’ve done some more analysis – looking at all my data, across four years of research.

After creating new equations for attacking and defending team performance statistics I’ve made an update to my Total Soccer Index.

To see what the Total Soccer Index was about prior to this late-breaking news read here.

Good news is it’s finally exceeded Goal Differential in having a greater correlation to points earned; it also, by the way, exceeds Expected Goals correlation to predicted points earned.

Here’s a quick snapshot for your consideration:

What did I do differently?

I’m not going to share that – my Total Soccer Index has been public for over four years now and this latest update – pushing it past the base-line of Goal Differential – will remain secret.

I will use it, however, to make predictions on future points earned – if a betting house wants to know my secret they can pay for it.

Best, Chris

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