Women’s World Cup – Possession with Purpose

In putting together my next effort on Possession with Purpose I figured the next step was to compare the Men’s game from the Women’s game and try to answer at least this question…

Is there a tactical or technical difference in team performance that shows itself when looking at possession with purpose?

The short answer is Yes…  but to get there I want to walk you through how I got there.

Four years ago I took a bold step and decided to throw out previous analyses like Total Shots Ratio and Expected Goals, and instead take the approach that if you analyze the ‘team’ and it’s generic performance in primary statistics you can as much, IF NOT MORE, than just looking at individual players.

Along the way my initial analyses was presented at the 2014 World Conference on Science and Soccer, and most recently, it was published in the International Science and Soccer Journal II, by Routledge, Taylor, and Francis.  So saying that I’m hopeful most will recognize that the analytical approach is recognized, across the world, as having value.  You may not believe what is offered but it tells a tale and has application even when developing scouting reports on opponents.



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