Getting Back into the Swing of Things

With my move to the Oregon Coast completed and my status as a Soccer Consultant beginning to take shape I figured it was time to re-enter the fray of soccer punditry in our country again.

This does not mean I’m going to continue delving into, and boring you with my soccer analytics.  I’ve proven the point that teams who possess the ball to control the game win more often than they lose.

In front of us we have the Women’s World Cup.  Have the European Countries caught up to America?

As for Major League Soccer, and in particular the Portland Timbers.

I remain stubbornly steadfast and steadfastly stubborn that the greatest atmosphere to watch soccer remains in Portland!

I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s the best soccer – but it’ll do.

Since last speaking with you the Timbers have brought on Brian Fernandez, the first true striker this club has ever had.

I don’t offer this lightly, many folks call him a forward or a winger – he’s better than that – in his first game with Portland he offered up a top flight example of what a striker does…

One Touch, One Strike, One Goal


He did that this past weekend as well.

What remains for Portland this year is find another fullback, central defender and box to box midfielder.  Some may say this is another Diego Chara – I disagree.

Diego Chara, while athletic, has always lacked defensive nous where he can CONSISTENTLY win the ball or force an opponent to pass the ball backwards (lose momentum) WITHOUT fouling the player.

Yes, his recovery capability is really, really good – but a high recovery rate like his usually means he’s out of position to begin with.  As a coach I do not advocate aspiring midfielders to model their game after Diego Chara.

Anyhow – I’m sure that’s unsettled a few – especially the avid Timbers Army folks, but it is what it is.  And since I don’t have a history of ‘crawly-bum-lick’ articles about Portland in the past why start now?

Next up, for me, is the US Men’s National Team game against Jamaica – should be a good one.

Things I’ll be looking for are (in no particular order):

  • How well does the USMNT play (build) from the back?
  • How well does the USMNT possess the ball?
  • How patient is the USMNT in building the ball through the midfield?
  • How many chances are created that result in a SHOT ON GOAL?

I could care less about the result – the result of the game has no real value or meaning.

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