#CoronavirusPandemic – Making the United States #United Again?

While I’m not analyzing soccer this year I’ve decided to delve into the Coronavirus issue – I believe everyone should offer whatever strengths they have to help solve this worldwide issue.

I’ll begin by offering I’m not a doctor and perhaps some of my submittals for your consideration are probably the result of my ignorance in that profession.  Nevertheless, I’m an American citizen and retired disabled veteran so my voice/thoughts/questions might add value to someone better placed.

First off:

  • The volume of negative comments from the Democratic Party during this crisis is appalling, childish, and pathetic – now is not the time for division – now is the time for Unity of Purpose.
  • I call on ALL Democratic leadership to “cease and desist” with whining and moaning about this or that not being good enough – it is what it is and the American people will vote however they vote come November – that is – if there is an election!
  • Instead, why don’t you start asking ‘forward thinking questions’ on how our country can solve this crisis together!!!!
  • This means ‘what are we doing to be more PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE.
  • By the way, I’m a Democrat and I’ve voted Democrat for the last 30 years…

Second off:

  • Donald Trump needs to STOP bragging about personal triumphs during this crisis – it’s not relevant – in the military we call it “noise”
  • Defense Production Act – Yes, it is good to use this to ensure PPE and ventilator supplies are met – but – more importantly – shouldn’t we also be using the DPA to maximize the production, distribution, and use of Coronavirus Antibody test kits?

Andrew Cuomo has said time and time again that he wants and needs to be more proactive in dealing with the Coronavirus.  All great leaders think the same way – be proactive and try to reduce being reactive.

By increasing the production, distribution, and use of antibody test kits we maximize the availability of blood transfusion plasma from those who have been shown to be asymptomatic.

And, if the data is right, there is a HUGE population group out there who has been largely unaffected by the virus – i.e. shown little to no symptoms.

Find these people now and use their plasma to begin to reduce potentially new infections across the country.

Third: Before offering some questions for your consideration here’s MY RANT for all the mainstream media outlets (CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, CBS, ABC, etc) that keep asking ‘political oriented questions….  Stop asking them – they’re NOISE.

I am aiming my angst directly at people like Jim Acosta, Wolf Blitzer, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Sean Hannity.

It’s people like you, in YOUR POSITION, who should be LEADING the “investigative questions” on how this issue gets solved – I don’t care, and it’s likely most others don’t care what the politics of this situation are.

Fourth – Here’s some questions I’d be asking at a Press Conference that I think would more inform people about what “proactive steps” are being taken to address reducing the volume of Coronavirus infections and increasing the recovery rate of people across our Nation:

  1. What are the zip codes of coronavirus affected patients, to include those who have tested positive and negative.
  2. What is the incidence, recovery, and mortality rate of Coronavirus affected patients with blood types A, B, AB, and O (positive and negative)?
  3. What is the incidence, recovery, and mortality rate of Coronavirus affected patients who are smokers vs nonsmokers?  Why do I ask this – this is why:   British American Tobacco article worth reading.
  4. What is the incidence, recovery, and mortality rate of Coronavirus affected patients who have Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis? Why do I ask this – because people like me with Crohn’s Disease have overactive immune systems compared to others – read here if interested: Read here.  Basically, those of us with Crohn’s Disease have quick (soemtimes to quick) responding immune systems.
  5. We now know the recovery rate for those put on Ventilators is about 20% – while I’m not a doctor it would seem to me this is not a solution to the problem it’s a way to mitigate the problem.  Having said that does the scenario on ‘effective rate’ of Ventilators go up or down the sooner the patient is put onto one?  In addition, does the purity of Oxygen put into the system make a difference to success or failure rate.  In other words might the Ventilators be more effective if the purity of oxygen is lower?  This question probably doesn’t make sense to some – but it makes sense to me a doctor might want to know the answer to that question if the Coronavirus is more virulent in an oxygen rich environment.
  6. When will the Coronavirus Antibody tests be started?  You’ve read my rant above so no point being redundant for your benefit – but I’ll be redundant for my benefit because it simply boggles my mind that hardly anyone is paying attention to data collection information that can increase the volume of plasma that can then be used to inject into people to potentially increase their antibodies in fighting the coronavirus.
  7. Since I’m a retired disabled veteran I’d also like to know what the incidence, recovery, and mortality rate is for military veterans like me.  Along those lines, do the percentages increase or decrease based on whether or not the veterans have been given the Anthrax Vaccine, or other mandatory wartime vaccines needed prior to our deployments to war zones?

Best, Chris



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