Major League Soccer Returns – So Does Possession with Purpose

Well…  There’s a World Cup like Major League Soccer tournament starting in July and I’ll be with you all the way as I bring to bear my Possession with Purpose Total Soccer Index.

As a reminder here’s what my Index is all about: PWP TSI

  • Within you’ll find:
    • Definition of TSI
    • Purpose of TSI
    • Premise of TSI
    • Parts of TSI
    • Leagues / competitions analyzed
    • Application of TSI and its parts
    • The data for leagues / competitions analyzed
    • Observations & conclusions by league / competition as well as reviewing TSI across leagues / competitions

Here’s a few diagrams of what the Index has shown in previous “knockout competitions” like the UEFA Champions League and World Cup.

Note the teams finishing first in my Index are also the same teams finishing first in the competitions.

Bottom line for the statistical followers in soccer – the team that wins the MLS Tournament this year is likely to average ~15 shots taken, ~ 6 shots on goal, and ~2 goals scored.

Follow my articles as games progress – it is HIGHLY LIKELY that the first round results, in my Total Soccer Index, will identify the likely winner – knowing this ahead of time – it is likely you could win some money betting on who the champion will be after the first round.

By the way, I’ve given up Twittersphere. I’m simply fatigued with the day to day bollocks being spewed.

All the best, Chris

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