Packing in Portland, PTFC vs SKC Pre-Match Thoughts for your Consideration

It’s been some time since I put pen to paper talking Timbers; I want to offer my thanks to the guys on the Outer Roses Podcast for re-energizing my passion in watching and offering thoughts about Portland.

I said this back in 2012 and it’s worth repeating, the single greatest soccer stadium for atmosphere, in our country, remains in Portland – the spine tingling begins at the national anthem and doesn’t end till the full time whistle is blown.

So what’s prompted a return to an article or two?

Well, after retiring I can only golf so much… and the guys at the Outer Roses Podcast were kind enough to ask me to join them and talk soccer for a little while.

The link above will take you to their latest podcast where I offer some thoughts on “packing”, what I call soccer eye candy (individual soccer statistics, expected Goals/Assists, etc) Porter, McAuley, Jesse Marsch, Portland Timbers player acquisition strategies and their successes/failures, plus some pre-match thoughts on PTFC/SKC.

Hope all will take some time to listen, a prerequisite is to fill up your glass with your favorite bevy and settle in.

Best, Chris