US Soccer MUST Hire Pep Guardiola

If there was ever a time for US Soccer to step up and identify themselves as an International Giant, it's in the next year or so by landing Pep Guardiola as their new Head Coach. There is strength in Pep saying yes to this challenge too... At NO TIME has the US Men's National Team... Continue Reading →

Expected Goals – The single greatest statistical hoax in soccer analytics

Look, expected goals is a predictive model that predicts goals based upon previous goals scored. NO predictive model uses the outcome generated to predict the outcome expected - a predictive model MUST use the underlying statistics generated prior to the outcome. So when you see articles written by uneducated pundits (like those working for MLS... Continue Reading →


Portland Timbers 2, Seattle Sounders 6 At no point as an analyst or writer covering the Portland Timbers have I EVER seen such a complete dismantling of a team. Regardless of the two goals scored by Portland, they were organizationally, strategically, and tactically hammered... Organizationally - Portland is a direct team - note that specific... Continue Reading →

Real Soccer Analytics… not for the faint of heart

Probably the biggest leader in soccer analytics (Prozone Sports) have released two products in the last year, or so, that should begin to change the landscape of soccer statistics. I applaud their actions but I'm still not convinced they scratch the right itch, or at least my question; what are the best statistics available to better... Continue Reading →

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