USMNT – NEVER really had the Calm

Good initial summary by Gregg Berhalter after the match. In my words it’d be: “US Men’s National Team NEVER controlled the game.

This has been the issue, (MY ISSUE) with the US Men’s National Team FOREVER.

You simply can’t win games at the very highest level WITHOUT CONTROLLING the game, either WITH or WITHOUT the ball.

It’s not about simple tactics and switching play, even later in his interview Berhalter said what I’ve been saying all along – we never had control. OUR country HAS the talent to CONTROL the game – we simply don’t have the coaching nous to HAMMER that message home.

I see hurried play at the U-11, U-13, U-15, U-17, U-19, U-21, MLS (League 2) and MLS – every organization sponsoring or coaching players is AT FAULT. US Soccer MUST begin to drive home that young players MUST MASTER CONTROLLED POSSESSION FIRST – before learning to MASTER counterattacking football that takes advantage of opponent disorganization.

I don’t know how many times I can be redundant – Alexi Lalas doesn’t hammer this message nor does Taylor Twellman or Stu Holden. Those three guys are probably the leading sports guys with tons of experience and tons of followers. Until those three guys go on the record and CALL OUT this HUGE weakness we simply won’t get better.

Here’s the link to the interview of Gregg Berhalter:

Oh, and LISTEN to the questions – there were only TWO good questions – What did Berhalter learn, and what did the players learn?

This idea of asking questions about individual players just SIMPLY DOESN’T MATTER. If the system is broke, how the players play doesn’t matter.

Sadly, these questions should have been asked and answered two months AFTER Berhalter first took charge.

So let’s go down memory lane.

Remember this guy? We need “spirit”

Or this guy?

We need to be quicker.

And now this guy. We need to control the game – but he’s had how many years now to engrain that into the players minds? He’s a smart guy but he doesn’t have the nous to help the players UNLEARN everything they’ve previously learned playing within the snow-globe of US Soccer.

I love my country but remain steadfastly stubborn, and stubbornly steadfast that 95% of the media coverage of soccer in our country feeds IGNORANCE that all you need to do is simply get the ball forward and score a goal.

I said it before; the guy US Soccer should have hired is:

NO other American coach has a better winning record when his team either possesses or doesn’t possess the ball on a regular basis. MEANING Jesse Marsch has the BEST RECORD in CONTROLLING the GAME – EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED!

Here’s my article a long time ago pointing out his record in Major League Soccer: My top five candidates and their ratings.

Best, Chris