Possession with Purpose: 2015 In Review

A few bits and pieces I felt would be worthy to share with others as 2016 begins. 

Which articles were read the most in 2015?  

  1. Possession with Purpose – Revised Introduction
  2. Busting the Myth of Moneyball in Soccer Statistics?
  3. Redefining and Modernizing Total Shots Ratio
  4. World Conference on Science and Soccer – My Presentation on Possession with Purpose
  5. Is European Football Really Higher Quality than Major League Soccer? Expected Wins 4

Where do the folks come from who read those articles?

Over 120 countries in all, with the top ten being:

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. Nigeria
  5. Germany
  6. Australia
  7. European Union
  8. Brazil
  9. Italy
  10. Netherlands

The best moment of 2015?

It took a long time to get there but clearly the Portland Timbers winning the MLS Championship Cup was, for me, the top-totty moment of 2015!


Next up – seeing Possession with Purpose getting published!  Wow – who’da thought?

Thank you!

Best, Chris