Soccer – Remade in America? Editorial

I’m not sure that’s the right title for this article but it probably doesn’t matter.

The intent of what I’m about to offer is more about the potential demise of Football, as most American’s know it, and the huge upside/potential in the continued growth of Football, as the rest of the World knows it.

What prompted this editorial is this article – a worthy read if your a young athlete in America who is interested in making a living playing a sport:  I won’t attempt to spoil it for you other than to simply offer that over the next 10-15 years it’s probable (some may argue highly likely) Football, as American’s know it, may be toast.

What’s that mean for the hundreds of thousands, if not low millions (is that exagerating too much), of student athletes across America who dream of playing Football?

I’m not sure but I do have a recommendation – instead of learning the individual player nuance of Football the youth of today should learn the individual/team nuance of Soccer.

There is no other sport, world-wide, that endeavours to take the best of the individual as a way to highlight the best of a team, that in-turn, highlights the best of the individual.  Does that make sense?  I don’t know but I like the sound of it because it’s my attempt to really stress the upside of soccer being the world’s greatest individualized-team sport.

It’s 90+ minutes of non-stop, in your face, action where the interaction of team players can literally shut out the sole action of the individual.