This web site up for sale!

Hi all,

It’s been impossible to find (free) soccer data to use for my algorithms so I can no longer offer reasonable statistical based soccer analytics.

As such I’m offering up all my research, since 2014, to include ALL my algorithms (both published and unpublished), excel spreadsheet calculations (data) for MLS from 2014 to 2018 (inclusive), the EPL, Bundelsiga, La Liga, and Champions League for 2014 plus the Women’s and Men’s World Cup 2015 and 2014 respectively.

Also included are my draft and final academic papers and presentations submitted to the World Conference on Science and Soccer for 2014 (Portland, Oregon) and 2017 (Rennes, France); which the former being published in London, England in 2016.

Also included is every article I’ve ever written on this site.

If interested please contact me at my email

Thanks to all who have followed me these last eight years, it’s been a great ride.

Kind Regards, Chris

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