Marsch Sacked, Marsch Hired?

I offered 6 years ago Jesse Marsch should have been hired by the USMNT back in 2017, we’re six years on from that article (here).

Gregg Berhalter, over the four year time measured, averaged the lowest points per season – while Marsch averaged the highest per season AND the best ‘average spread of earning points’ given 4 different categories of possession!

But DUE to ‘nepotism’ Berhalter got hired.

Yeah – he’s done okay but there remains no conclusive identity with our country’s team – under Marsch there will be a clear identity.

He has shown a propensity to win in a number of extremely competitive leagues – AND – (this does not include Major League Soccer). While Marsch operates a negative possession type game – he had to with Leeds given his budget – he has shown he can win.

I wonder if Jesse Marsch has ever kicked his wife?

Best, Chris


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