Barcley’s Premier League – How Goes It?

In my latest installment of Possession with Purpose in Europe I have a number of diagrams to offer to include the latest on the PWP Predictability Index. You'll note that in every case the PWP Correlation to the League Tables for all four competitions has stayed the same or gotten better. Also of interest is... Continue Reading →

The losers keep losing – Barcley’s Premier League

The bottom six teams, after Week 23, all lost this week with a combined total of 19 Goals Against and 2 Goals For... Pretty clear that defense simply wasn't a key topic of interest for those in the relegation battle. If you follow my efforts I try to stay away from Goals Scored and Goals... Continue Reading →

English Premier League – Mid-table Maidens or Muppets?

Like the La Liga article this week I'll be taking a look at some mid-table maidens and muppets. And yes, I'm breaking down this week and offering up some analysis on Manchester United. I've delayed long enough I guess so I'll take a peak at them along with Tottenham, Crystal Palace, West Brom, Stoke City,... Continue Reading →

English Premier League – Top Totties – Week 5 in Review

For most Manchester United, AGAIN, probably made most of the Headlines - and AGAIN - I'll blow them off in my weekly update - kinda like Leicester City did! Imagine dropping four goals in the second half against Leicester City -┬ácan you Adam and Eve it??? What on earth is going on at Man United?... Continue Reading →

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